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The NON Resident Indian High Net-worth Investors Dubai Database 

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High Net-worth Indians In Dubai?

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Services in India or Dubai  that are specific to NRI Interests

Events, Conferences, Roadshows in India or Dubai that are targeted to NRIs. 

Targeting NRIs in Dubai  for  real estate or any high value deal in India or Dubai 

Who can use this Product?

Addresses are verified for being in a valid RFC 2822 compliant format

The NRI Database  has gone through the following processes

All addresses are filtered against each other to remove any duplicates

Addresses are filtered against the list of disposable email address providers 

The Email Database validation and cleaning process

Deep cleaning SMTP test to check if Mailbox exists

2,854 Verified Email Contacts of High Networth NRI's in Dubai

Personal contacts  tested and verified using the methods described above

The product contains high net-worth  NRI Investor contacts, Real Estate Owners  sourced through multiple channels

1,531 Verified Email Contacts of NRI Real Estate Owners in Dubai

Product Details

General emails which have been tested and verified using the methods described above

12,000 + Verified Email contacts from Saudi, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman 

348 NRI Business Executives in Dubai

11,000 +  UAE NRI Email Contacts

The emails are updated as of February 2017 and are verified by the methods decribed above

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This database is a recent (Jan 2017) preparation of NRI Dubai database . A lot of efforts has gone in researching, compiling and structuring to ensure its accuracy using the methods described above.

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Bonus Material worth $49

(Ebooks on Increasing personal productivity, Entrepreneurship and Maximizing email subscriptions)

Bonus Material worth $297

20,892 INDIAN SMS Records (DU Only)

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Additional Bonus Material 

The Get Hired in Dubai eBook will help you internalize the Dubai Job search process and approach it with the right mindset. The 8 steps will help you get ahead of the curve by using techniques that most people are unaware of . This book will literally save you tens if not hundreds of hours of trial and error.

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Feb 2017)- preparation of Dubai NRI database . A lot of efforts has gone in researching, compiling and structuring to ensure its accuracy

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The confirmation email  that you receive  upon purchasing the database has an invoice generation feature that you can use to reimburse.

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